Student Tip Sheet – 7 Ways to Beat OCD and Pass Exams

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When it comes to OCD and the ability to retain information, it could be that the natural process of consolidation, noted in the first paragraph, is interrupted by intrusive thoughts and corresponding rituals, and more likely ruminations. For example, the brain’s thalamus acts as a kind of “relay station” whereby motor and sensory information (except smell) are received by it and projected to the cerebral cortex (responsible for the so-called higher mental processes of language, thinking and problem-solving – Arthur S. Reber). Dwelling on the thoughts holds you back on your studies, yet you erroneously think there is something wrong with your memory, or that you lack the aptitude to learn well. Prolonged ruminations further affect your study, such as dwelling on negative thoughts like, ‘What about my future prospects?’, ‘What if I fail my exam?’ and ‘If I’m not able to study and recall information, what will my point in life be?’


PRICE: £2.49 ($2.92)

Student Tip Sheet – 7 Ways to Beat OCD and Pass Exams

Carol Edwards brings fresh ideas to help students free their brain to think more clearly and confidently about their studies. The attention is on students who are troubled with obsessions and compulsions that are about poor memory and failure. Carol Edwards document helps students tackle "just in case" scenarios, become better at decision-making, chunk information, and more! This material provides clarity for the student and comes with short question sections to strengthen the learning objectives. A unique password into the learning zone can be purchased for just £2.49 or currency equivalent. By entering the learning zone, students get the chance to ask the author questions, build confidence, and get back to healthy study. Individual students or groups around the world welcome - just click on the item number below to add more people, and before paying the adjusted fee. Please allow 1-2 days for your WordPress code to arrive in your inbox. Thank you.


By Carol Edwards 2016. Updated 2019.

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