Misophonia: How to Tune out to Disgusting Sounds


“I have misophonia, which means I suffer from hatred of sounds that activate emotional stress. For example, hearing someone swallow or breathe will usually stir up feelings of anger. This frustrated emotion is often…”

“In public, I unthinkingly cover my ears to drown out sudden noises. I will briefly close my eyes when I see “visual sounds” – these are eye-rubbing, nose-wiping and ear poking. I have to close my eyes because…”

“…I experience an agitation that is hard to define. Perhaps anguish is how I would describe it. It cannot be likened to anxiety seen in OCD; for example, doing a ritual…”

“Finally, we come to the question of whether misophonia can be treated or cured.  While no permanent treatment is available as yet, some methods have been tried to help make misophonia more manageable, which include…”

Read the full article here.

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