Students – Get 7 Powerful Tips to Beat Bad Memory Intrusive Thoughts


Do you forget information and worry there’s a fault with your memory? Do you have fears you didn’t read or write your paper correctly? Do you doubt yourself and think your academic future is in trouble? When OCD starts messing with your studies, it’s time to take action. Read my 7 tips to help you get back on track!

To read Carol Edward’s 7 powerful tips, you’ll need a password. All you need to do is donate £1 or currency equivalent to See further down how to make your donation.

As soon you receive your password, click this link and enter your code to get your 7 powerful tips!

7 Powerful Tips to Beat Bad Memory Intrusive Thoughts

Carol Edwards 7 powerful tips can help you get back to study with little time to ruminate, procrastine or worry about failing. With her tips you can free your mind, get focused and achieve the results you want. Thank you for supporting children and their families struggling with OCD and related conditions with your kind donation. Groups welcome into the reading zone, simply click the arrow in the number box to indicate how many you want in your group!


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